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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  February 18, 2023 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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at an east bay home. what we know. also -- >> in this case, we have eggs, but it really could have easily been much worse. >> a racist tirade caught on camera. we are hearing from a woman whose bus ride took a shocking turn when a passenger started hurling insults and eggs. great man. i'll always be honored to have been one of his team and one of his friends. >> former president jimmy carter now in hospice care at home. we sit down with a bay area man who worked with mr. carter during his tenure at the white house. good evening, we start tonight with frightening moments in oakland after a driver lost control and crashed into a home sparking that fire. this video was taken by a neighbor who rushed out to see what happened. and you can see the car went through a wall. firefighters say it hit a gas main, sparking those flames. a nearby home security camera
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caught what happened moments before that crash. pretty wild right there. you can see the driver appear to lose control as it comes down campus drive in the city's crestmont neighborhood. neighbors say two adults and two children were inside the car. paramedics took the children to hospital. they're expected to be okay. pg&e crews were called to shut off gas in the area. just one house was evacuated, but crews did have to dig up the street to find the gas transmission line leading to that home. we're told the fire was contained to a garage. no one inside that home was hurt. a new twist in san francisco's effort to stop sex workers on cap street. last week the city set up roadblocks on the street between 18th and 22nd where prostitutes have taken over. well, supervisor hillary ronan requested the blockades after numerous complaints the people who live on cap street. today crews replaced those
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barriers with concrete ones. tonight the san francisco firefighters union is raising concerns about emergency access. union posting several tweets, including this one tagging supervisor ronan. it reads in part, quote, someone who doesn't understand our work might say what's the big deal. it goes on to say seconds can mean life and death. in another tweet, the firefighters asked city leaders to work with them on a solution. we did reach out to supervisor ronen and her office for comment but have not heard back. well, a man is being sought right now after he was caught on camera throwing eggs at passengers on a san francisco bus. this is right after the woman recording that video said he yelled racist slurs at her and the woman sitting next to her. both are of asian descent. nbc bay area's alyssa spoke with one of the women and learns why she's sharing her story. >> reporter: on thursday morning in san francisco, this man in the striped sweatshirt got on the 38 bus. >> the man who -- be he had probably 48 eggs, you know, the kind of like double pack and two
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of them. >> reporter: michelle young, in town visiting from new york, was there too. >> and he immediately said a racial epithet, and it was like stupid chinese beep. and he said it at least twice. >> reporter: she said this man immediately looked at her and the woman next to her, who was also asian american. >> so this is not, unfortunately, it's not the first time i have been the victim of some kind of asian racial hate verbiage. >> reporter: michelle said she ignored him. another passenger stepped in and told this man to stop, and then he threw the first egg. michelle says the man in the striped sweatshirt got off the bus, threw more eggs at the open windows, which got in passenger's hair. >> close the window. >> reporter: michelle posted about this on social media. she's filing reports with the san francisco police and the san francisco mta.
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we reached out to sfmta, who referred us to this tweet, saying, quote, we are committed to doing everything we can to stop the racist attacks on the aapi community that have been on the increase over the past few years. >> if something like an egg incident can raise awareness of our daily struggle sometimes just trying to get through our day, trying to get through public spaces, then hopefully that's -- that helps make a change overall. >> reporter: and san francisco muni says any harassment or abuse against passengers or staff is utterly unacceptable. if you see an emergency while on the bus, do not hesitate to call 911. in san francisco, alyssa goard, nbc bay area news. a deadly crash under investigation. it happened this morning on northbound 680 in walnut creek. the tesla hit the fire truck that was stopped near a different crash. the driver died at the scene. the passenger and four
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firefighters were taken to the hospital. they've all since been released. the chp says the cause of the crash isn't clear, but it is worth noting the national highway traffic safety administration is investigating how the tesla auto pilot system detects and responds to emergency vehicles parked on highways. nationwide at least 14 teslas have crashed into emergency vehicles while using the system this week tesla recalled more than 360 ,000 cars because of concerns with the full self-driving software. it is also working to deliver a software update to fix the problems. strange story here. a dispute over a hot dog sale sparked a brutal beating. a vendor says it happened to him while trying to do his job. the whole attack caught on camera. nbc bay area's nathalie sat down with the victim. >> reporter: it happened right outside here, the center in san jose just a couple of days ago. and the vendor tells me it all
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started when a customer demanded a free hot dog. this is the moment that bay area food vendor was violently attacked outside the sap center on thursday. video shows him lying unconscious on a bloody pavement while paramedics administer aid. he remembers feeling blood on his face as he was waking up. the vendor says he was selling hot dogs after a concert when a customer attacked him. a bistander captured the attack on video. you can see a man kicking him on the floor. he says the man bought a few hot dogs but demanded a free one. when he refused, things got physical. the honduran immigrant was hospitalized with a fractured nose, three loose teeth, and a bruised eye and face. he says he doesn't have health insurance but is grateful for the public support after a witness posted the now viral clip on tiktok. now he's hoping for a speedy recovery so he can get back to
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work but admits he's afraid of another attack. the center issued a statement saying in part, quote, we continue to actively communicate with city officials to ensure that public spaces outside of the arena are safe for all guests. san jose pd is still investigating the incident and looking to track that suspect. reporting in san jose, nathalie vera, nbc bay area news. black history month celebrations are happening all across the bay area in san francisco today a parade headed down third street in the bayview. the event started in 2018. the activities included music, food, and performers right there. mayor london breed also joined the celebration, honoring black trail blazers in the community and and highlighting the accomplishments of black community members. >> we invest $60 million specifically in the black community. we know that that is not only helping our community-based organizations serve the community, it's helping to add
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more businesses on the third street corridor. >> parade organizers said this was an opportunity for people to create community while also celebrating black history. over in fremont alex li and state senator aisha hosted the city's 24th annual black history month celebration. they honored six community members who they say might not otherwise be acknowledged for their work. >> actually acknowledging those change makers in our community today that don't get acknowledged, right, that don't have a platform. >> among the honorees, police chief sean washington, city commissioner gardner. the country's longest-living president is back at home in plains, georgia, tonight after a hospital stay. former president jimmy carter is now foregoing medical treatment and has entered hospice care. the 98-year-old has been in and out of the hospital in recent years and fought off cancer well into his 90s. nbc bay area's marianne favro spoke with a bay area man who
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worked in carter's administration and calls him a friend. >> reporter: after his term in office, president carter made several trips here to the bay area, including here in menlo park, where hundreds lined up for his book signing. but he's most well known for rolling up his sleeves and helping build affordable housing in oakland with habitat for humanity. even in his late 80s, former president jimmy carter worked tirelessly to give back. seen here in 2013, he operated a circular saw as he helped build affordable housing in oakland for habitat for humanity, where he's been a volunteer for more than 35 years. rob of san mateo worked on mr. carter's presidential campaign and in the epa in his administration. he considers the former president a friend, and he admires not just the difference he made while in the oval office but also after. >> what he did since then is, in a lot of ways, more important. his work on human rights, his work on election reform, his
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work on the environment in africa. >> reporter: tonight with news of mr. carter entering hospice, he's reflecting on their friendship, describing the former president as honest, gracious, a man of faith and integrity and self-deprecating wit. >> he had a good sense of humor and a good sense of perspective on things. >> reporter: and rob says he was a thought leader and the first president to commission a long range report. the global 2000, looking at the global issues, especially environmental concerns facing the world in the coming decades. >> i think his environmental legacy will be one of the greatest things. just that he was so far ahead of his time in understanding these international environmental issues. >> reporter: mr. carter showed his own resilience when he was diagnosed with melanoma that spread to his liver and brain. he defied the odds, and throughout it all kept his perspective on the fra jilt of life. >> i just thought i had a few
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weeks left. but i was surprisingly at ease. you know, i've had a wonderful life. i've had thousands of friends. and i've had an exciting and adventurous and gratifying existence. >> reporter: today as mr. carter opts for hospice care at home, the 39th president's grandson tweeted the carters are at peace and, as always, their home is full of love. and tonight rob is full of admiration for his friend. >> a great man. i'll always be honored to have been one of his team and one of his friends. >> reporter: marianne favro, nbc bay area news. that northbound 680 road closure we've been telling you about continues tomorrow through the rest of the holiday weekend. this is the second of three closures. another planned for next weekend. yes, there's more to come. crews are repaving the road. if you're planning to drive north, caltrans says take 880. got a look for you at sheridan road in fremont from earlier. just a mess. we tried to get the word out.
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>> mm-hmm. >> guess we didn't get it out to enough people. this is the way it was for hours today. 680 closed between coopman road and senol boulevard in pleasanton. it is set to re-open but not until 5:00 a.m. on tuesday. we are back in 60 seconds, a fond farewell to an iconic santa cruz pier. the creative way one artist said good-bye. and you'll be seeing the driverless taxi company waymo way more. it's rolling into neighborhoods in san francisco, we're going to tell you where. and enjoying a mild holiday weekend. 49 degrees in san jose right now. later on in the seven-day forecast, that might be warmer than the high temperatures as we head towards the middle part
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new video tonight of an alarming incident on the bay bridge. the chp says incidents like this one involving young people on bikes, they're happening more frequently. at least three times in the last six months. yeah, fortunately, no one has been hurt. the chp wants to remind people bikes, they are not allowed on the bay bridge. officers working to prevent similar incidents. turning to our making it in the bay series, california home sales edged up in january. some good news here, though, according to numbers collected by the california association of realtors, it is the second month in a row of slightly higher sales as interest rates are calming. now the median price of a home in the bay area has dropped from a year ago. quite a bit, but it's still staggering. last march the median price was $1.5 million. in january it was an even $1
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million for the nine-county area. that's down half a million. home prices are expected to remain soft in the next few months, due to layoffs in the tech sector and more affordable homes elsewhere. one step closer to a citywide autonomous taxi service in san francisco. waymo has expanded to more parts of the city. it will offer rides in the mission, dog patch, and hills. company rolled out new updates, including parallel parking. the service is only available to riders who join the waymo one program. well, final good-bye to an iconic landmark in santa cruz county. the pier at sea cliff in apptos was severely damaged. the decision was made to take it down. today people gathered for a farewell ceremony, many have special memories tied to that pier. >> lot of wonderful places to see and experience, but it's something about this place that
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when all that wandering's done you feel it. it's just so comfortable. >> there's just so many memories there that seeing it gone, it's kind of an icon for this area. i mean, people come from, i think, all over just to walk on the pier and fish. >> it sure is. the sea cliff state beach pier was built in the 1930s. demolition begins next week. but not before a local artist spent time crafting his own farewell to the seacliff pier. this is sand art, believe it or not, created by brighton. these images of the intricate patterns in the sand were taken by a fan of his who sent up his drones to get an aerial view. >> that is unreal. >> you might be able to see the patterns of i will remember you. a spectacular sight for a pier that have given generations spectacular views of the pacific. >> very cool, well done.
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what you just said a moment ago caught our attention. the temperature now, which is cold, is going to be the high? >> yeah, by thursday. so speaking of -- >> here we go again. >> beach weather tomorrow and monday should be okay. don't be near the coast. gusty wind, a big drop in temperatures. one of the stranger temperature weeks in the seven-day forecast is headed our way. the good news for weekend plans for the holiday on monday is that the warmest days are right now at least through about monday. 51 degrees currently in san francisco. and seeing some low 40s outside. san rafael, 43 degrees. similar temperatures around devlin. and the reason why it's not too uncomfortable is you don't have a lot of wind. now, imagine when these temperatures drop into the 30s and 40s at night, later next week, we will be seeing winds at 15 to 30 miles per hour. so we're going to get some canadian air conditioning blowing around the bay area next week. 49 in san jose. starting to see upper 30s inland. this is the trend we'll see into tomorrow morning. patchy frost possible in some of the inland valleys.
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quickly warming into the 60s around noon and high temperatures tomorrow afternoon feeling like spring. upper 60s san jose, mid-60s around oakland. notice monday similar conditions. but everything starts to change as you get into tuesday. gusty wind and a lot cooler by wednesday. then talking about precipitation type gets interesting towards the middle part of next week. so here is that canadian cold front that's dropping down out of the north leading to cooler changes, and eventually potentially i think wind advisory level winds or high wind watch material along the coast during the day tuesday. we'll watch that. in behind it comes the colder air. so notice the futurecast, starting as we get into wednesday. the hilltops and mountains likely begin to see accumulating snowfall. this would include the santa cruz mountains, mount hamilton, the diablo range, up near the north bay perhaps near mount tam. that's a possibility wednesday night into thursday. that's why your temperatures are
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dropping into the upper 40s for highs. right there wednesday and thursday in the seven-day forecast. next weekend looks dry but still chilly. but look at that pattern as we wrap up the month. kind of a stormy finish to february, and a roller coaster ride of temperatures ahead in the seven-day forecast. so outdoor plans next couple of days just fine if you want to get outside. and then tuesday and wednesday bundle up. showers progressively lower snow levels and highs next weekend as the skies clear 20s and 30s. that is quite a swing from 60s and 70s to 20s and 30s at night, highs in the 40s. >> enjoy the 60s, and the 50s while we have them. all right, rob, thanks. anthony joining us for sports, and what a story at the nba dunk contest. where'd this come from? >> it's lost its shine over the last two years, but i think it's
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back. a bay area native wins. and a high flying performance. check that out. wait, he's going to keep going. wow. stick around, sports is next.
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welcome back, i'm anthony flores. a special night at the tank. the sharks celebrating black history. the team wore these really cool warm-up jerseys tharp signed and auctioned off to benefit an african american charity. it was also bobblehead night. the former sharks player, current general manager. he's the first black gm in the nhl. down a goal in the second to buffalo, alexander gets the rebound off the board and scores his 11th of the season. that ties the game at 2-2. buffalo would answer with a pair of goals in the third, including
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an empty netter. the sabres beat the sharks 4-2. san jose has lost three in a row. 23. need the money ball. need the money ball. he got it. >> oh, oh, oh. >> dame dollar was money tonight. the oakland native won the nba all star three-point contest in utah. this was a special homecoming for damian lillard, the portland trail blazers all star. he went to college about 30 minutes away from salt lake city. >> it makes it that much more special. you know, i did it two times before, they say the third time's the charm, and i'm happy that it happened here. so it's a perfect situation. the slam dunk contest. check this out. mac mcclung put on a show. he's a g league player who just signed this week. a two-way contract with the
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a supersized look inside the human body. the mission science workshop created a giant blood vessel exhibit. >> that's right. today the school bus-sized vessel was in san francisco. the mission science workshop wants kids to enjoy learning about the human body. they use this interactive experience to learn what goes on in their own bodies. look at them go. the mission science workshop got help from medical professionals
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to make the vessel as accurate as possible. >> everybody is a natural scientist, and we love making it fun, accessible, and also culturally rel haven't for the community. >> next the vessel will travel to different schools throughout the bay area.
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